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How STEM Inspired Me

In 2O15, I started a FIRST LEGO League robotics team in my garage. I stuck with the program for 6 years but it didn't take me long to realize the value of the skills FIRST was teaching me from STEM competency to problem-solving to communicating. 

FIRST offered me some of the most instructive and inspiring opportunities in my life and equipped me with the tools to be an effective STEM leader. During the summer of 2022 my FTC team, Wolfpack Machina, and I devised a plan to share these opportunities by bringing the FIRST program to Rwanda. Through daily meetings with schools and connecting teams virtually with Wolfpack and others, I hope to share the tool that teaches the necessary skills to grow future STEM leaders and foster a love for STEM so that others are inspired to share like I was.

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Meet the Team

Working Today to Build the Engineers of Tomorrow

Our Partners

Meet the partners supporting us financially, functionally, and technically.

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